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From business strategy, to marketing to content licensing to technical platform and operations, Videotex can offer an IPTV package of live streaming and a video-on-demand library for distribution via mobile apps and Android IPTV receiver. International channels are licensed and encoded for live viewing, time-shifting or nDVR. Past shows and original content is added to the VOD library.

Videotex is currently working with an ISP in Haiti, distributing local and international channels to local subscribers and the Haitian diaspora. Working with the Caribbean Content Network, LLC, Videotex offers:

  • Encodes local Haitian channels
  • Provides streaming servers
  • Video-on-Demand and IPTV Android receivers
  • Contracts with television channels and other content providers
  • Produces original content – Haiti Vibe (music / culture) and Haiti Stars (movies / documentaries)


Videotex has also distributed international and West African television and original content to the African Diaspora in North America and Europe. Global channels such as EuroNews, France 24 and regional channels such as Africa 24 and national channels such as RTI were licensed and integrated into an IPTV package.